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Yoga By The Bay

Date: Mondays, 11 Dec onwards
Time: 6.30PM - 7.30PM
Venue: MBS Boardwalk

Yoga By The Bay

Namaste! Aeglyf is excited to announce that Yoga by the Bay returns this December!

Want to have an outdoor hatha yoga experience along the Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk? Grab your yoga mat, bring your friends/colleagues along, and get ready to sweat it out along the picturesque skyline. You love good deals (so do we!) and we are happy to offer each mat space for only $8.

Led by @yoga_cher

To register, visit:

Asanas For Back Care with Olop Arpipi

Dates: 15 - 17 Dec 2017
Time: 7.30AM - 9.30AM & 2.00PM - 5.00PM
Venue: Cocoon Studio

Asanas For Back Care with Olop Arpipi

This workshop will benefit all levels of students, from beginner to advanced.

Asanas are done by the body, but are not totally for the body. Asanas are part of yoga and yoga is primarily for the consciousness. Yoga is for the mind. It should be done by the body for the mind. (Prashant Iyengar)

Friday, 15 December 2017
730 am to 930 am
- Standing poses asanas

2 pm to 5 pm
- Twisting asanas in sitting position
- Preparation for inversion
- Pranayama

Saturday, 16 December 2017
730 am to 930 am
- Awareness on how to use the feet and the legs to strengthen the back
- Twisting asanas in standing position

2 pm to 5 pm
- Inversion
- Forward bend in standing position
- Forward bend in sitting position

Sunday, 17 December 2017
730 am to 930 am
- awareness of the arms in backbend's preparation
- backbend asanas

2 pm to 5 pm
- Restorative
- Inversion with support
- Pranayama

Workshop fee:
$300 (early bird payment by 30 November 2017)
$400 (payment made on 1 December 2017 onwards)
AM session: $70
PM session: $105

Registration: student is required to complete workshop registration form.

For more information, visit:

For enquiries, contact: 9721 4603 /

Yin Yang Yoga with Jeremy

Date: Friday, 15 Dec 2017
Time: 7.00PM - 9.00PM
Venue: The Yoga School

Yin Yang Yoga with Jeremy

Join us for this special session to end A Season of Giving this December here at The Yoga School, when all proceeds from our classes will go to The Homeless Hearts of Singapore.

Experience fire and ice with our teacher Jeremy during this two-hour session to help you build heat through static holds, with increased awareness of your mind, body and breath. Focus on the importance of alignment as you move through each pose, by learning to engage the key muscle groups.

Cooler Yin postures will help you relax and stretch your soft connective tissue. Gradually, your muscles will release tightness, allowing for greater openness, while improving your circulation.

For more information and to register, visit:

Ohm Santih Asthanga Yoga Teachers Training Course

Dates: 08 Jan - 13 Feb 2018
Mon - Thu: 8.00AM - 4.00PM
Venue: OhmSantih Yoga

200 Hours Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Singapore

A yoga teacher training course is often the starting point of a teaching journey for most yoga enthusiasts. At OhmSantih Yoga, we believe the actual journey only begins when you complete the course, and the objective of our 200-Hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course in Singapore is to provide you with a strong foundation and give you the best preparation for the upcoming journey.

As such, we have created a comprehensive program that will advance your practice, build your confidence, and equip you with all the essential skills and knowledge needed to be a successful yoga instructor.

We are also a Registered Yoga School (RYS200, RYS300) with Yoga Alliance and this will allow you to register yourself as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) and teach internationally upon graduation.

Course Fee – S$4000 / $3800 (Early Bird till 10th December 2017)

For more information and to register, visit:

Yoga Retreat @ Komodo Island

Dates: 30 Mar - 02 Apr 2018
Venue: Komodo Island, Indonesia

Yoga Retreat @ Komodo Island

Plan your long weekend on the next Good Friday 2018 with us to Komodo Island. Beautiful beaches, snorkling in the clear blue sea, and trekking to enjoy magnificent sunset and sunrise.

Komodo island, part of the Lesser Sunda chain of Indonesian islands, is the rugged habitat of the 3m-long Komodo dragon monitor lizard. Komodo National Park covers the entire region and is home to more than 4,000 dragons, and is made up of rusty-red volcanic hills, savannah and forests. Its surrounding waters of seagrass beds, mangrove shrublands and coral reefs are famous for diving.

In collaboration with you will experience sleeping on the boat under the stars and explore the Komodo island. Watching sunrise and sunset while doing yoga, leisure trekking which suitable for everyone even for beginner, and snorkling.

For more information and itinerary, visit:

Yoga Retreat Bhutan 2018 by Ompulence

Dates: 22 - 28 Jul 2018
Venue: Bhutan

Ompulence Yoga Retreat Bhutan 2018

Bhutan, the land of happiness, offers beautiful landscapes, calming energy and joyful smiles. "Since allowing their first tourist to enter in 1974, it is slowly opening itself up, one smile at a time." (as written in an article from Huff Post).

Ompulence Retreat, conducting the 4th yoga retreat, wants to share an authentic experience with our participants where they can nourish their body, mind and soul by the beauty of nature and tranquil energy in Bhutan.

We will be conducting daily morning yoga and meditation sessions. There will be silent walks, outdoor meditations and mindfulness practices as we visit the beautiful mountains, Dzongs (fortresses) and places of interests.

This retreat will be led by Arjuna (Portugal) and Saraswati (Singapore) They teach Sivananda Yoga and also lead in mindfulness practices (in the tradition of Plum Village).

For more information, visit:

Early Bird Rate ends 31st Jan 2018 (inclusive of visa and return flights Singapore to Bhutan)

For enquiries, contact




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